Trading Accounts

When you sign up with an online broker, you have to open a trading account. With Oriontero, you have seven different options in the trading accounts section. This means there are seven account types, and you can pick the one that you think will be best for your trading needs. We highly recommend that you assess your requirements as closely as possible before picking an account. We have designed them for different types of traders with different budget and trading requirements. However, you are the best judge based on your understanding of your trading needs and requirements.

If you pick an account that is higher than your trading experience level, you might be paying for features that you will never use. We try to keep things balanced, and so if you sign up with an advanced account, most of the features will be on the advanced level. If you are just starting out, it is recommended that you go with the basic account. You can always call us to know more about account details and to get some guidance on which on you should pick. We will be more than happy to help you with your trading account selection.